What happened to the Mona Lisa painting ???

A man in a wheelchair wearing a wig, according to witness evidence, was the culprit. He would have stood up and approached La Gioconda, tossed the cake at her, much to the amazement of the other guests.

The museum’s security staff raced to evict the man from the room, while the remainder of those there photographed the event constantly.

Because it was exposed and protected by safety glass, where the sweet’s remains were infused, the painting, which was painted between 1503 and 1519 by Leonardo da Vinci, was unharmed.

The incident did not develop, much to the surprise of people who were in the museum’s most inaccessible area at the time, which is often crowded with tourists. Security workers hurried to remove the assailant from the building and clear the glass, as shown in some of the footage uploaded on social media.

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to destroy the artwork.

Throughout history, attempts have been attempted to deface, steal, or utilize the 77 by 53 centimeter canvas to promote various causes.

In the 1950s, a man poured sulfuric acid at it, which damaged the artwork, and a Bolivian student slammed a stone into it. While at an exhibition in Tokyo in 1974, a lady in a wheelchair splattered red paint on her wheelchair to convey her unhappiness with the lack of access ramps, albeit she never reached him.

In the summer of 2009, a Russian visitor tossed him a cup of tea. The painting was taken nearly three years ago, in 1911.

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